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The Mouthguard book has now arrived in digital format, completely revised, updated and with new images!


Take the opportunity to study and improve there in the comfort of your home. The responsibility of Dentistry, through dentists, is to encourage the use of mouthguards in all sports. But how can this be done, even if doubts are common among professionals in the field? This book will prepare you to correctly guide each athlete patient who is in your office for the use of mouthguards, with information that covers their history, the most used materials, the types of mouthguards that exist, the characteristics of the mouthguards, the influence of protectors on physiological indicators, contraindications in the use of mouthguards, as well as the correct preparation of the mouthguard, from molding to delivery of the protector to the patient, and guidelines for use and maintenance.

E-book: Sports Mouthguards

R$80.00 Preço normal
R$68.00Preço promocional
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